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PSYCAP -A must see documentary

Proud to announce the release of PSYCAP Documentary Film: The Syrian conflict caused a rapid and intense human migration. In early 2016, the Jordanian government announced that it would pursue a unique refugee hosting model in hopes to transform its largest refugee camp, Zaatari, into a self-sufficient and sustainable semi-permanent city.


Exposure to sustained conflict impacts the psychological capital and long term performance of entrepreneurial ventures. The investigators embed themselves into the Zaatari community to spend time with entrepreneurs who fled crisis and decided to start a new business.


Through the collection of personal narratives and field surveys, the PI, Dr. Gleason and the Co-PI, Ms. Beamer investigate the impact of the psychological capital of refugees in the Zaatari camp on the performance of entrepreneurial ventures indicating a process of transformation from aid-dependence to self-sufficiency.


The goal of highlighting “transformative entrepreneuring” is to benefit camp residents, the host community, and nation. Interviews and surveys with these refugees expose the narratives that can indicate the influence of policy, aid, and outsiders on the specialized refugee Zaatari camp.

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