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Building social impact & sustainable Innovation


Our work is based on the values of democracy, diversity, trust, freedom and solidarity. These values are the cornerstones of our societies and of the interdependence between countries in Europe. Underneath all of this lies the power of sustainability & communication.


Our work over the past year has shown that we can challenge prevailing prejudices and build bridges, against all the odds. Enabling citizens to practice collaborative ways of living together, we cannot fail to be touched by this act of solidarity and humanity.


There are many more change makers out there whose courage and per-severance show us that, as an individual, you can make a difference. At Migrant Integration Lab- Sustainable Solutions, we actively seek, support and connect those individuals, so that they can inspire even more people to step out of their comfort zone too and to take part in society, sharing their own voice and their own story.


Across Europe but also other countries countries, we are working together with a growing network of partners in connected and concerted actions to bring about transformational change for people and our planet.


Transformational and systemic change starts with a compelling idea that can transform a community by engaging and empowering community members. Change also requires the active participation of institutions and policymakers.


Migrant Integration Lab- Sustainable Solutions is committed to convening people and ideas and fostering inter-local connections that can and do drive systemic change. And we firmly believe our society is in urgent need of transformation.


The world’s citizens are inhabiting and tracing pathways across a globe that is in accelerated motion — ideas, things, people are all in endless movement. Sometimes they are willing adventurers and explorers but all too often people and families are displaced by turmoil, aggression and environmental disasters.

Our society’s response to the movement of people has often been lacking in compassion. Hope for a better future has sometimes been replaced by despair.


Open doors have sometimes been harshly closed. To try and address this imbalance, Migrant Integration Lab was born. The aim is to make sure their voices are heard. It supports the daring idea to build societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity. We are achieving it every day, step by step, via sustainable solutions for holistic migrants’ integration.


We are 50 passionate change makers and our actions are based on collective Intelligence collaborations world wide. We are leading experts in complex project steering, facilitators, event makers, Global Citizenship actors, sparring partners, knowledge generators and providers, intercultural dialoguers, mediators and more. We are a natural partner for public, private and civil society, but also cultural-oriented organizations, nationally and internationally.


We bring together diverse stakeholders that represent refugee communities, academic institutions, private and state institutions, entrepreneurs and investors who are co-creating an enabling environment to develop tangible and sustainable solutions, responding to the multidimensional challenges of migrant crisis, helping in effect to build inclusive communities. We are #Transnationals


Thank you Migrant Integration Lab Awareness Campaign team of young leaders for supporting our actions! #NoWallsButBridges École des Ponts Business School


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