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Your voice counts ! Make it loud and post #beonehumanity hashtagas a statement for peace, tolerance, and unity!

B1-AKT is launching a Unique, Crowdfunding Campaign called BE ONE HUMANITY. The goal of the campaign is to fund, develop and grow citizen entrepreneurial projects in order to build “a better humanity” , develop positive impact & deliver sustainable solutions to worldwide crises. Become game changers and enterprise a better world with us! Spread the word on social media by using #beonehumanity hashtag.  

Share here: CALL TO ACTION  

Find out more information and more ways to support us here: BE ONE HUMANITY  

Read and share our founder’s Call here : BE ONE HUMANITY CALL TO ACTION  

Your voice counts ! Make it loud and post #beonehumanity hashtag
as a statement for peace, tolerance, and unity!

  1. Build awareness by sharing our campaign . Post your activity on
    social media using #BEONEHUMANITY #B1AKT and/or tag us @B1-
  2. Buy the book « At the dawn of humanity , enterprise a better
    world » and support the rise of effective leaders & entrepreneurs of
  3. Strike the pose and share your image(s), video(s), or articles on
    social media using #BEONEHUMANITY hashtag/@B1AKT? All gender
    identities welcome!

• Tackle hate speech, from its root causes to its impact on societies
• Create awareness & empathy.
• Help change attitudes and behaviors.
• Raise awareness of (racial) stereotyping.
• Support social projects to build a “better humanity”. 

Our purpose is, above all, to have a positive, sustainable impact. 

• Human diversity is an asset, not a threat. We must never lose sight
of our common humanity.
• Human dignity is critical to defining governance and sustainable
policies for the future, including inter-generational justice.
• Humanity is the glue that binds us but only if we commit to
meaningful dialogue, making a stronger case for the universality and
inherent interdependence of all human rights.
• Realizing a better humanity is anchored in national ownership yet
linked globally.
• Our overall intention is to strengthen our societies with responsive
and innovative answers in confronting humanity challenges,
according to SDG’s pillars and UN goals.
Whatever how you decide to contribute, share the information with your
family and friends. Hurry Humanity awaits ! 

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