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An Innovative International Awarness Campaign



B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication within the context of its global awareness campaign initiatives inspired by the Global Goals for Sustainable Development is launching a grass root Public Policy/Citizens Diplomacy International awareness campaign, an open social media dialogue: #NoWallsButBridges


Aim: bringing together, citizens, civic societies, public & private sector, international organizations, Academia and media around the globe into a dialogue on the problems and probable & sustainable solutions on Migration Crisis (developed in Migrant Integration Lab).

Vision: Migration is a chance for our societies to reach their full potential. Our initiative, Migrant Integration Lab creates the best conditions for people who arrive in Europe to be innovating entrepreneurs, change makers or artists in a position to act and create value and to be a source of innovation for host societies.


This year we are teaming up with “Ecole des Ponts Business School” full-time MBA, young leaders. This project is tailored as to build Positive & Sustainable Social Impact. École des Ponts Business School’s Full Time MBA is a flagship program for Innovation Management in a global economy.The program leverages the latest research and traditions of excellence in Innovation, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship.


Our device (migrant integration lab-sustainable solutions) is based on transnational frameworks that are giving policymakers a new lens with which to develop innovative public programs, and public-private partnerships across borders.And because of the economic implications of transnationalism, it provides opportunities for businesses, social entrepreneurs, and governments.



The world needs more socially responsible leaders who can see and seize the complex challenges that intersect management and society.

Migrant Integration Lab SIP Project includes The Social Impact Pathway.


It is specially designed for students who want to create positive social change throughout their careers.The conceptual basis of the pathway gives the keys to define social value, identify and implement strategies to effect change through partnerships between business, government and nonprofits, and anticipate and manage inevitable value conflicts.


They will be able to explore the foundations of social value and key strategies to effect change.

Students develop the necessary skills to pursue leadership positions with a wide range of organizations, from corporations and governmental entities to startups and social enterprises. Social Impact is woven through the entire project under the shape of experiential learning.

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